Find Your Purpose, Fulfill Your Destiny

Published: 25th July 2008
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We are each being guided to fulfill our life purpose. Collectively and individually we are all following our intuition to evolve ourselves to higher levels of consciousness. You witness evidence of this inner guidance as you read these words. You are here because spirit guided you to be here. You are being invited to take that next step and fulfill your destiny. So, what is your destiny? What lies awaiting for you to realize? First you must find yourself. Connect with the part of you that knows your calling and how to fulfill the purpose of your existence. To realize your full potential you must realize your Self, you must attain Self Realization.

Everyone reading this essay is enlightened to some degree or you would not have the inclination to read this. Start by acknowledging that part of you that seeks enlightenment. Let it be clear in your own mind that you are seeking to raise your calibrated level of consciousness and attain conscious control over your mind, and feel the full profundity of God's love as you realize the Kingdom of Heaven within you. To think we go through so much of our life ignorant of this Divine presence. It's a wonder how we could deny the very love that sustains our own existence, but we do. We suffer out of ignorance.

When your mind realizes the true nature of your Self, the bliss is indescribable. If you are not intoxicated on God, what are you doing? Why would you choose to live a life of trials and errors when you could walk with Him? God never left, open your eyes and see. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within. In the Gospel of Thomas the apostles ask Jesus, "When will the Kingdom come?" To which Jesus replied, "It will not come by waiting for it. You cannot say that it is here, or that it is there. For the Kingdom of Heaven is spread out before man, but he sees it not." Those that have eyes let them see.

Brothers and sisters, your destiny is to enlighten. Until to commit to this mission you are straying from your path and that might be why it seems difficult at times. When will the time come that you commit yourself whole heartedly to your enlightenment? Through Self Realization you truly do find greater prosperity, happiness and peace. Let me show you the way to find the answers that already lie within you. Let us create peace on Earth by first finding peace within ourselves. Your destiny awaits.

From the heart,
Steven S. Sadleir

Steven S. Sadleir is the Director of the Self Awareness Institute and is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages. He has developed powerful distance learning programs for people of all cultures and faiths, trained thousands of people from all over the world, and welcomes all of you who are ready for full Self-Realization.

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